2AM Full Package

Hun, We Can’t Even explain HOW fierce this offer is! Get your claws on the full package, you know you want to.

To activate this offer:

  1. Add this 'Full Package' to your basket
  2. Add 36 bottles of our killer 2AM LONDON gel polishes to your basket
  3. And you'll get the the contents of the 'Full Package' for FREE

The 'Full Package' contents include:

3x Wall Displays

3x Nail Chips

1x Basic B*tch Base Coat

1x Get On Top Glossy Top Coat

1x Throw Shade Matte Top Coat 

No, we ain’t kidding. This is an absolute must-have. 

You can take control of your free 3x nail chips by leaving a note in the checkout box with your fave colour chips or you can leave it to us by leaving the box empty and we’ll find the best nail pallets to match your shades.