About Us

 2AM London is for sassy, strong-minded, independent, fashion-conscious people that know what they want - and they want to look good! Our gel polish is about being in control. We didn’t just want to create a collection of gel polish colours that looked awesome -- we made them so you feel empowered when wearing them too. 

 We’re about nails at 2AM - what’s hot, what’s not - whether that’s at work, at a party or who-the-hell-knows-where at 2am and you’re just there turning it up. 

It's time to rebel

It’s time to rebel against that other boring-ass gel polish and be forever fierce and own the night, every night, with 2AM London. Whether you’re about mixing and matching, full block colour or glitter nails, we’ve got the shades for you, hun.

But remember, we’re not just about gel polish, we’re about the person that wears it too and that’s why our sassy, edgy names reflect all different types of mood. Feeling sinful? Ready to be on your knees? Born to be wild or just a hot mess? No judgement here. Whoever you are, worship it and pick a gel polish colour from our collections to match.

 It’s time to take on this crazy world and take zero prisoners doing it. Own it and DGAF with our range of gel polish, top and base coats for professional use. We’re here to shake up the industry with professionals and salons one step at a time!

 Still eyein’ up that other gel?  Didn’t think so.